I started to learn English with DMM Online English School !

I started to learn English with DMM Online English School !

2019年4月4日 2 By goldeneuglena

Hello, it is Golden Euglena!

Recently, I started DMM online English lesson, and this is sooooo nice!

Today I would like to share my experience and opinion about DMM online.

In Japanese/日本語

In French/ En français


Why did I start to learn English with DMM online now? 



Japanese who live in the U.S. that do not have enough occasion to speak English


I live in the U.S., you know, but actually, I stay at home all day.

Additionally, my husband is French, so we talk in French and Japanese, and do not talk in English…

I love to stay at home, so this is not a matter… However, I want to do something useful with my occasion to live in an English country.

This is one reason why I started to learn English with DMM online.




English School in San Antonio is so expensive!


I do not have the occasion to speak English, so I searched for English schools in San Antonio to speak English, but all of them are super expensive!


But DMM online is not expensive.

Now you can enroll normally for 6000 yen every month and now, it is 3000 yen for the first month because of the campaign. The campaign will finish by 20 April, so if you would like to try, please decide as soon as possible.


So, this is the reason why I decided to enroll in DMM online to learn English.

If you are in the same situation as me, I think it is worth using DMM online.




Good point and Bad point about DMM online



Good point: DMM online is one-to-one, so you might not be nervous


Could you speak actively in English school? Are you nervous when you speak English in front of other people?

Many people who learn languages would be worried about their speaking and pronunciation is correct or not. And they are shy because of their anxiety.

It is natural, but I am sure that you do not want to spend time and money because of the timidness in English school.

The DMM online is one-to-one, there are just you and your teacher.

If you are the only student in the class, you might not be nervous and you could speak more.




Good point: Teachers are from various countries!


Have you ever meet teachers from Zimbabwe, Lethotos, and Mexico?

If you use the DMM online, you could meet teachers from the countries where you did not go to.  I think it is a very good experience.




Good point: Teachers have clear pronunciation. 


Teachers are from various countries but their pronunciation is so clear.

If you have some anxiety about teachers skills and pronunciation, do not worry too much.



Good point: You could use the app ”iKnow” as free.


iKnow is an app to learn English with a scientific method. Normalment this app is charged but you could use as free if you enrolled in DMM online.



Bad point: It is possible that the internet line might be cut accidentally.


You would connect with the internet to another country, so I think you cannot avoid this trouble.

But this problem is not frequent. I experience it just once.



Bad point: You could not reserve a native speaker with a normal ticket.


Native speakers are like American, Canadian, English, South-African…, and you would have to use a special ticket to reserve, that is more expensive.

But I think that non- native teachers are no problem to learn English.



Bad point: Time table is the Japanese time


If you are in another country (not Japan), at first you would have to check a time difference between the country that you are and Japan.

This is the most troublesome thing about DMM online, I think.





Question and difficulties while I started DMM online


Can you use the Credit Card of a foreign country?


You can use the Credit card of the foreign country on the site of DMM Online, but you should pay attention.

Some card might be refused when you check out of payment, although you could register the card information.


But do not give up!


Your bank would have to refuse once, and you may receive some messages or e-mail to accept to pay from your bank.


In my case, I tried to pay with my husband’s card for the first time but the card was refused.

After a little panic, my husband asked me ” Did you use the card on the site of DMG ?”


Yes, when you pay the fee of DMM online from foreign countries, the payment company is not DMM, but DMG.

And it depends on the security system of your bank, you have to accept payment on your message from the bank.


Once your payment will be refused, you could check your e-mail or message from your bank and you could use the non-japanese credit card! 




Which English level is fit for you?


If you do not know or do not have confidence in your English level, do not worry.


Your teacher would give you the advice to find your level and to help to choose teaching materials.


Actually, I did not know my English level, so I tried to start at the beginner level that said ”Hello” and introduces myself.

My teacher advised me that this level is too easy for me and that my level is not at a beginner but at an intermediate level.


If your teacher does not give you any advice concerning your level, you could ask him/her.  This is my advice!



Reservation time is Japanese time or the time that you are?


As stated above, the DMM online use only Japanese time.

So please take care of the time difference between the country that you stay and Japan.


You could search in Google like ” San Antonio (you could change this to the place you are) 8 o’clock  Japan”.




If you would like to learn English or to have an occasion to speak English, DMM online is very good for you.

After I will have reach a certain level to communicate in English, I would like to interview other people in San Antonio and to share that in this blog!