Three All-inclusive hotels comparisons in Cancun and around there.

Three All-inclusive hotels comparisons in Cancun and around there.

2020年2月12日 0 By goldeneuglena

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I went to Cancun in December 2019, and it was the first time for me to stay in All-inclusive hotels. 

During this vacation, I realized the two important points about All-inclusive hotels in Cancun and near there, they are the following. 



  1. The good meal does not depend on the stars or the rating about hotels.
  2. There are so many types of All-inclusive hotels, so the ambiance, calm or cheerful, differs from each hotel. 


In short, if you satisfy your hotel in Cancun, you should not reserve the hotel depending just on the five stars or good comments in Trip Advisor.  To avoid disappointing, you should focus your ideal vacation and choose the hotels carefully.  



Today I will share with you my experiences about three All-inclusive hotels in/around Cancun the following. 

I hope that this article will make your vacation nice.





Ocean Coral Turquesa in Puerto Morelos, five stars,  it’s like an amusement parc!


You enter the reception, and you say ”Wow”. So huge, and so nice ambiance tell you ”Welcome, you are in the vacation! ”

This hotel, Ocean Coral Turquesa, is located in little fisherman village Puerto Morelos with a really big scale like an amusement park.  This hotel was my first all-inclusive.  Five stars.

If you stay here with your family especially with your children, this all-inclusive is a really good choice. However you want a calm and relax vacation, this hotel is too lively…or noisy, I could say.  I would try to show my opinion.




★Ocean Coral Turquesa Official site is here to click




Negative Point. 


①Too many things to relax.

Ocean Coral Turquesa is so huge hotel as mentioned above, I could say it’s like an amusement park! There are so many things, like a cafe, an ice cream shop, big and diverse pools, pool bars, and do not forget the beautiful sea! 

Me, I was actually excited there, and I tried to do all of the facilities because it’s all-inclusive, free! I thought I had to enjoy everything! Finally, this hotel was too huge to relax for me.

Additionally, this hotel, Ocean Coral Turquesa is suitable for children, so in other words, it is possible to be noisy. 

If you like a bustling all-inclusive hotel, you may love this. However, if you like a calm atmosphere, you may not relax.



②Meals are not so bad, but you may not be surprised.

Meals in Ocean Coral Turquesa are not terrible. You can choose from different restaurants, from diverse types of food. Some desserts were really tasty, and some sushi rolls were good. 

But I would like to say it is so ordinary. I do not have a particular impression of the meals, not so bad but not so good. 

If you regard the meals as important, it is better to examine other opinions before your reservation. 




③High quality alcohols are the exception of All-inclusive! 

The bar of Ocean Coral Turquesa has a good variety of alcohols. You will find also the Patron(Tequilla).

But wait to order! These alcohols do not include in the All-inclusive system, so you have to pay an additional fee. 





Nice point of Ocean Coral Turquesa!


①You can enjoy yourself with your family and friends!


Ocean Coral Turquesa is really huge and there are many facilities to enjoy, for example, a bowling, table tennis, spectacle theatre, etc…

Additionally,  you can find four different type pools there including the children’s pool with playground equipment.



This is my best place to love, the ice cream shop. Of course, it is in the All-inclusive. 



②Large standard room with bath tab!


If you stay in the standard room, your room is large in spite that it is not special or sweet.  Additionally, your room has a balcony and a bath tab! 



For me, the bath tab is really important(I love taking a bath)! 



If you would like the all-inclusive hotel following, Ocean Coral Turquesa is a better choice to stay. 


  • The meals are not the most important, you do not mind about the meals at the hotels. 
  • You want to enjoy yourself with your friends or family especially with little children.
  • You would like to stay at a huge all-inclusive hotel.




★Expediaでオーシャン コーラル &トルケーサ の空室状況を確認!



★Hotels.comでオーシャン コーラル & トルケーサ の空室状況を確認!






Atelier Playa Mujeres, five stars, it like a paradise…


Atelier Playa Mujeres is opened in 2019 May. 

I use this hotel with One Day Pass and I did not stay overnight. So, here’s my opinion base on my short stay. 

Because of this, I could not write about the hotel’s inside, for example, a room, a bed, and room services, etc…

If you would like to know about the room and the details of services, you should check other comments about this hotel, Atelier Playa Mujeres.


★Atelier Playa Mujeres Officeel site here to click.




First, We start from negative points…


Honestly, I really like this hotel but I have also the point to announce to you that I found out. 

First, Atelier Playa Mujeres costs about $400~$500 per night so if you stay this hotel for 1 week, it will be over $3000. It is not so casual price. 


Second. This hotel is Adults Only(over 16 years old). If you have children, you should choose another hotel like Ocean Coral Turquesa. See more, Official Site


Finally, Atelier Playa Mujeres is located in PLAYA MUJERES, it is outside of the Cancun hotel zoon. If you have the travel plan to go in downtown, it is a little far to go out there. 






The excellent point about Atelier Playa Mujeres!


First, the meals at Atelier Playa Mujeres are really, really good! I think this hotel is the best about the meals among the three hotels that I went to. 

The morning buffet offers diverse things. You can choose sweet or salty, Mexican or American, etc…Additionally, I found the quality was very good. The employer said to me that the baguettes of Atelier Playa Mujeres are made by a French artisan every morning! Also do not forget to taste high-quality cheese!  



The poolside restaurant is high-quality as well. This restaurant offers seafood and I love their dishes because it is not only really fresh but also the taste is so good. If you like seafood, you should go there.  



The second good point about Atelier Playa Mujeres is its architecture. This architecture shows us its cool perspective. 



This is the window at a bar, likely try to cut off the beautiful sky and add it to the structure. Do you want a cocktail with this beautiful view?




The corridors are built with wellhole style and you could feel a nice breeze. Actually they do not use any air conditioner thanks to the architecture that let in fresh air from outside. 




Of course, the pool and the bars are amazing! Look at this pool like a paradise! You can chill out by the side of the pool. 



If you would like to stay at a luxury hotel in Cancun and also you love the architecture, Atelier Playa Mujeres is one of the best choice,  I think.






Oleo Cancun Playa All Inclusive Boutique Resort, four stars, Cancun


Oleo Cancun Playa All Inclusive Boutique Resort show us their white tower-like building in the south of hotel zoon. You would find the photogenic appearance with a blue ocean.  







★Oleo Cancun Playa All Inclusive Boutique Resort Official Site is here to click




Some critique points that I found…




First, you do not have a bath with a standard room. You have to take a shower with a square shower head, it is like a Buddhism practice under the falls… 



Additionally, Oleo Cancun Playa does not have playground equipment and children pool. If you would like to have a vacation with children, I advise you Ocean Coral Turquesa will be better.


Finally, room services are the most disappointed. The meal is very tasty but they do not come on time. I tried three times room services and they came just once with no problem. As I repeat, the meal was really good…



The good points about staff, the meals, and the ambiance.



The meals were really good. 

You can choose a restaurant from the Mediterranean or Japanese, and also there is a Sushi bar. 

I tried the Japanese restaurant. At first, I did not have big hope for the restaurant if anything I had just a curiosity(because, you know,  some Japanese restaurant outside of Japan is not Japanese.). 

However, I was so surprised at their Japanese food that I forgot to take a photo of the first dish…! Their Japanese menu is little localized but not too much, so I think that it is not so far from the Japanese food in Japan. 

Tuna Sashimi was little passed lightly over a flame(aburi, 炙り)with black pepper. You eat this with soy sauce flavored by bouillon. Tempura was really crispy.  It was really really good. 





You find the Sushi Bar at the hotel!

Their sushi was also nice. It was different from Californian sushi roll, with heavy sauce or something crispy on the sushi,  and also different from Japanese sushi roll. I loved the beef with Jarapegno and Tropical. 



I would advise you to test the fish tacos at the poolside! It is excellent. Do not make light of these snacks. The deep-fry of whit fish is so crispy outside, but it is fluffy inside.




Oleo is not so huge. If you do not relax at the big hotel like Ocean Coral Turquesa, this Oleo is the good size hotel. 

For me, in the big hotel I could not relax so much because  I thought ” Ok, I have to amuse all of the equipment in the hotel !” I was in a hurry in my heart. 

However, Oleo is a compact hotel. They have just around 170 rooms, so there are not so crowded and you can reach anything as you want. Also, you would not find so many children there compare with Ocean Coral Turquesa. Oleo is not an adult-only hotel but the ambiance is fit for a couple and a single traveler. 




The hospitality is also good. During waiting to check-in, you would sit and have a drink on a sofa. It is not necessary to stay standing up and making a line in front of a check-in counter. 






Which All-inclusive hotels do you like?


Among three all-inclusive hotels, which one is fit for your vacation in Cancun? 

For me, I do not have a child and the trip with my husband, Oleo Cancun Playa All Inclusive Boutique Resort was the best choice. Oleo’s cost is not so high compared with Atelier but the ambiance and the meals ware really good. 


If you have enough budget and you do not have a child, Atelier offers really fantastic vacation for you as well! You could relax at the luxury poolside escaping from noisy real life.