Texas and Louisiana Road Trip during Covid-19 day5, ep.5: Garden District !

Texas and Louisiana Road Trip during Covid-19 day5, ep.5: Garden District !

2021年2月6日 0 By goldeneuglena

In August 2020, my husband and I came from San Antonio(Texas) to New Orleans, Louisiana! This is ep.5 of our road trip. Click here to read the Louisiana Travel-log from the beginning!


Last time, we went to Lake Ponchartrain, the second largest lake. 

Texas and Louisiana Road Trip during Covid-19 ep.4 : Lake Pontchartrain and night walk in the French Quarter


Today is day 5, and I am writing half of the day in this article about the third day of New Orlean’s stay.  It’s about Garden District!





The Garden District of New Orleans is like an architectural museum!




Take the tram to the Garden District


Take the tram to the Garden District. Cross the Canal Street to a stop just off the French Quarter …


The cityscape with colorful walls is so instagramable.




There are nice buildings everywhere, which is very exciting.




This blue building is also cute.




There is a rail station near here. The sign like this is the platform.




A nice train has arrived! It’s cute! Take this to the Garden District!

Is it safe to use public transport during the Covid-19? Actually I hesitated to take a tramway, but it was surprisingly comfortable.




The windows can be fully opened, so the inside of the car is always fresh air. I think you don’t have to be so nervous. Of course a mask is required.

The interior design is retro. The wooden chair is uncomfortable to sit on, but it feels like a time slip and has an good atmosphere.





Garden District

When traveling to the Garden District by tram, it is recommended to sit on the left side of the direction of travel. Because, even before arriving at the destination, the car window is already fun! The mansion appears here and there.



When you see this building called House Of Broel, you are already in the Garden District.




Beautiful balcony.




A magnificent pillar building.




Get off at St Charles at Washington while looking at the building from the train window. The pink building is a landmark.

This time we got off at St Charles at Washington, entered the Garden District, headed north while looking at the mansion, and took the train back to the French Quarter at St Charles at Jackson.

There is no specific route, so you can search for “Garden District” on Google Maps and aim for a place with a historic site mark. You can also walk around and find your favorite building.




Let’s start from the pink building mentioned above.



Mayor Isaac W. Patton House

Overgrown plants at Mayor Isaac W. Patton House (late 19th century?). It’s hard to see, but it’s a Greek revival style.



Sully Mansion

This is Sully Mansion.

I’d like to make a bad excuse for the photo, but in the foreground, there was a huge tree and I couldn’t shoot the whole thing…! If you want to see it, please come visit us. According to the caption, it was built in 1891 and has a design that incorporates Queen Anne style and colonial revival in detail.

It seems that it is now an accommodation facility. Maybe a candidate for your next trip to New Orleans?




Opposite the Briggs-Staub House is the house with Our Lady in the garden. There was no description, but it had a nice atmosphere.



Women's Opera Guild Home

Women’s Opera Guild Home is diagonally opposite. It’s an atmosphere where an incident is likely to occur due to the suspicious sky… It is said to be a Greek revival style building built in 1859.



Pritchard-Pigot House

Pritchard-Pigot House. It’s powerful.



Morris-Israel House

Morris-Israel House. It’s an Italian-style architecture designed by Samuel Jamison in 1860(Source ). This architecture is my recommendation. I really like the reddish wall color and the delicate ironwork. Want to buy.

Carroll-Crawford House

Carroll-Crawford House. Built in 1869 (Source). This is also a mansion. There is also a corbel and a molding under the roof, giving a massive and luxurious impression. I like warm colored walls.



There are many other historical and interesting architectures, but my favorite is like this.


We are back at House Of Broel, which I briefly introduced at the beginning. There is a tram stop just ahead.






Lunch takes out a strange Po’Boy with Killer Po’Boy

Well, we are so tired from walking around so let’s go back to the hotel and get lunch before returning.

Today’s lunch is a creative Po’Boy purchased at Killer Po’Boy!



It was really delicious, really good. Po’Boy is summarized in other article, so please wait a moment !



After having lunch, we took a rest for a while and in the next article we will go out to look for souvenirs or stop by a cafe.