About my blog

Hey guys! I’m Golden Euglena. 

This page is an introduction about me and about my blog. 


In French/En français?

In Japanese/ 日本語?


The theme of Golden Euglena’s Microscope.

This web site, Golden Euglena’s Microscope is the personal blog site to share interesting things that I, Golden Euglena, find in life. And I want to share my Japanese opinion, particularly in English articles.




①About the life in San Antonio, Texas.

This is my first time to live in the U.S., so I have many surprising things in point of Japanese view!

So I want to share the difference and interesting things about my experiences, for example, this article.

How did my Japanese life change in America ? What are the difference of daily life between the two?




②About international marriages.

As I wrote in Profile, My husband and I are international couples, so we have many administrative things to share.

But I will not write about the interesting differences in international marriage, for example, the difference between Japanese and French, their tendency about love or characters, etc…Because, in my opinion, international marriage is common today and I do not want to write my husband as contents.




The Aim of my blog ” Golden Euglena’s Microscope”


I am aiming at sharing my point of view, America seen from Japanese eyes.

If it is possible, I would like to share my opinion on Japanese news, like whaling.


And also, I would like to earn some money with my blog.

See also Privacy Policy.





Golde Euglena’s Microscope is managed as a multilingual web site!

I manage my blog a multilingual web site, so I write in tree language, Japanese, French, and English.

If you want to go other languages Home(Top page),  please use the language switch in Side Menu. 

If you want to go the Home(Top page) of current article language, please tap or click Top Page button in Side Menu. For example, after you read some articles in English, you click or tap Top Page in Side menu, you will go English Top Page.

If there is the article in other languages, you can change the language with languages links on the right side of the article that you read. I added these links on only some articles, so if you could not find it, the article you read is not translated in other languages.

The translate of articles is my works, and my husband checkes it but we are not professional.  In addition, I try to change the contents of articles in order to make the articles more interesting for readers. 

If you find something, some errors, please contact me.>> goldeneuglena@gmail.com