Hey guys! I’m Golden Euglena. 

This page is an introduction about me and about my blog. 

In Japanese/ 日本語?

In French/ En Français?



I am 30 years old Japanese. Now I am living in San Antonio, TX, the U.S. 

This is my first time to live in America, so I have been surprised a lot of things. For example the article bellow:

How did my Japanese life change in America ? What are the difference of daily life between the two?


I love the trip to different countries,  so I have traveled to Italy, Taiwan, and I like also to go outside of transit airport, like a little adventure. My favorite transit is Qatar, the museum of Doha was very impressive.  You should go there!

The city or country that I know well is Paris, France because my husband is French and I had been to Paris to study.


My favorite alcohol beverages are wine and beer, I am not a big fan of winky…America is one of the best countries of wine so I am happy to choice different wine at supermarkets.

I like cooking but I am not good at traditional Japanese cooking…

I like also historical architectures and 19th century history. San Antonio where I am living now is famous historical city, so I enjoy staying there.  


I live in the U.S. but I am not good at English!!!  I said my husband is French, so we talk at home in French and Japanese. And I stay at home all day as a housewife….so I do not have occasion to practice English! 

So, I began to study English with DMM online. One day I improve my English skills, I would like to talk to my neibors. 

I started to learn English with DMM Online English School !


We do not have a child. I do not want now and I explain ” I am scary at having a baby and heavy responsibilities to growing baby” but in fact just I do not want them.


Thanks to reading my long introduction! 

If you want to contact me, you can send an email to!