Three Things I did at Hill Country, Texas – Road trip and my recommendation.

Three Things I did at Hill Country, Texas – Road trip and my recommendation.

2020年2月27日 0 By goldeneuglena

Hill Country – This place is known as beautiful countryside. If you live in the building jungle, Hill Country will release your sentiment seeking nature and you make relax. 


This article shows you what I did at Hill Country for a one-day road trip. I try to tell you my recommendation based on real experience. 


Enjoy the trip with me! 




Our Object. From San Antonio, Hill Country is the best place to go small road trip


We, my husband and I,  were really tired. 


The weather in San Antonio is almost always good weather. Blue sky, dry and hot air, made us tired.  We are not used to so good weather because we are a French man from the mountain and a Japanese woman from a typhoon country. 


Additionally, my husband continued to keep work hard, and I always stay at home to read many books, so…we were sick of it!



So our trip objects are as follows, 


  1. Refresh and Relax in nature.
  2. Taking pictures. 


Actually there are so many places to swim in Hill Country, but today’s trip is not to swim!


Meditation in nature, relaxing near the water at the natural place where we go are following, 


  • Natural Bridge Caverns (You should go!) 
  • Jacob’s Well
  • Canyon Lake
  • Gouadaloop River Crossing




Reservation a car rental and the place where should go


If you want to rent a car from Thrifty, you have to go to the airport.

There are not so many choices of car rental companies in the outside of the San Antonio airport, but it is really annoying to go there, so we decided to use the Entreprise near the apartment. 


My husband asked the coworker whether Enterprise is good or not, and actually, this company seems good. 

The processing was very smooth, so kind. Today’s our buddy is a white Hyundai! Nice to see you!


Additionally, the rental fee was reduced. We noticed that after returned the car. We do not know why… it was just lucky??





Let’s go on the trip! Rent a car, the huge cave, and Hill Country


We are 12 October, Saturday. 8 am.

We went to the car rental company by bus under a few clouded sky. It was below 20°C.  




When we went to Houston, the traffic was really hard and there ware so much pressure to pay attention because many of the car driving there were like impatient…! 

However the driving around San Antonio, we found it easier than Houston. In my opinion, there are few cars to be impatient with rough driving.  




Huge! Natural Bridge Caverns


We arrived at 10. It is always clouded and cold. The parking area was already occupied by many cars.



I said ” Wow…” I can’t express my impression at well, but it was so huge and so dynamic. 

You may also be surprised at the vast domed space.


There are massive columns made by nature. 

Do you believe there are the wonderful underground world under the Texan dry land? I wondered how surprised the peoples who found these caves.

You may feel dizzy in there because of the huge space. It was too difficult for me to keep my perspective…This spacial impression was really great so I thought that I might be lost in another world.  



You will find the little lights some time glistening in the dark. This light is the crystal, not a light of a fairy. 




After lunch at Whataburger, Just passed Guadalupe River Crossing


We are huge fun of Whataburger! We ate there as usual, and we met a man working as a cashier. He found we were a tourist(actually we live TX, so not tourist, but it’s OK), He gave a warm welcome.  He was really kind.


However, I could not stop to imagine that if we have the US. citizenship or nationality with the non-native attitude, for example not fluently English, or with so many accents like us,  and other people treat us as foreigners,  we would be so sad, or feel alienated.


We live in the US, but our identity is as ”visitor”, so we are glad about the warm reception as a foreigner.


In Japan, non-Asiatic people are treated as ”Gaijin(外人)”, which means foreigner.  If there is an African American girl who grows up in Japan and always speaks perfect Japanese, the other Japanese think unconsciously ” She is a Gaijin. ”.  If a man who has blue eyes acquired the Japanese nationality, the same. May be just his or her friends are an exception.


Because most of the people who live in Japan are Japanese or Asien people, black hair, black eyes,  like,  ”same face”. Actually, there are so many people who have backgrounds from other countries and other cultures, but Japanese people ignore unconsciously them and judge them with their appearance.


How about in the US. ?

Asian people, who do not speak English are ALWAYS Chinese?




After lunch, we found a beautiful place. Google Map says ”Picturesque place” but we could not find any parking and parking on the road is forbidden…

If you want to go there, you can search ”Guadalupe River Crossing”





Drive to the next destination with the picturesque view of Hill Country



As called ”Hill Country”, you drive up and down on the many hills.

This landscape gives you an amazing view.  Once arrived at a top of a hill, suddenly your field of vision opens up, and you see under your eyes deep green, another chain of hills far way and endless Texan bleu sky. 



I and my husband drove from Guadalupe River Crossing by Jacob’s well, Ranch road and Market road. If you want to see this landscape, try these roads!




Jacob’s Well in autumn it is a good place to take pictures!


For 1 hour driving from Guadalupe River Crossing, we arrived at Jacobs’s Well. 

Passing through between narrow and slippery rock, you find the wide mouth of Jacob’s Well.



The water is really clear so you may want to dive into it but you may be fearful of this endless deepness.  You could not finally see all of the inner parts of this well.



You will find around the well is also beautiful. No wind, no ripple on the water…it is like a mirror. 


Jacob’s well is the famous spot to swim and dive in summer but in autumn it is a good season to take pictures because there are not so many people there.  If you want to take pictures and relax here like meditation, my recommendation is to go there in autumn. 



The amazing sunset from Canyon Lake! 


We drove from Jacob’s Well to Canyon Lake. Actually I did not so expect this lake is such a beautiful…!  


The water was really clear and I did not feel any stench. The vast lake, the ripples, and the sky. 



I thought that I and my husband do not feel big stress every day and our daily life is really calm but actually I felt ” Oh, I can breathe deeply!” So, Canyon Lake is a deep breathing place to relax. 



I like this place. The man who took a walk with his dogs said us ” It is a peaceful place.” Yes, I agree with him. Canyon Lake is a peaceful beautiful place.  




After seeing the amazing sunset, this is time to go back home.